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General FAQs


Q.     When can I register?

A. For the 2021 season, registration will open on TBD and close on TBD at midnight, or when teams reach capacity, whichever comes first.  After that, names will be placed on a waitlist. For players in Pre-K through third grade, registration will remain open until April 1st, but we encourage earlier registrations for planning purposes. 

For U11, U13 and U15, registrations after TBD, will only be accepted if there is space on our teams. Late registations will be charged an extra $50.

Q. What if my daughter is placed on a waitlist?

A: We do our best to accommodate all players who wish to play lacrosse.  At some age groups, we are limited by the number of qualified coaches available, field space, and other factors, so a waitlist sometimes becomes necessary.

Q.    Why is the deadline so early for a sport that won't start until spring?

A.     The Founders Girls Lacrosse League (FGLL) establishes an early January deadline for all towns to register teams with them. Once we've closed our registration and signed up the appropriate number of teams per age group with the league, we cannot go back and add extra teams after their deadline so latecomers may not be able to get on a team in grades 3-8. For Pre-K through second grade, there is not an early deadline because our program is intramural.
Q.    How do I register my player(s)?

A.    The only way to register is online at the website,

Q.    At what age can my child play with the town program?

A.     Beginning in Pre-K (age 4+) through 8th grade. 

Q.    Are there tryouts for town lacrosse?

A.     No. FGLL states that all of a program's teams for each grade grouping be equally matched (no A, B, or C teams, for example). Therefore if enough 7th and 8th grade girls sign up to necessitate three U-15 teams, they will be balanced to the extent possible with equal numbers of new and returning players and 7th and 8th grade players.

Q: My daughter made a select team, can she opt out of playing for a town team?

A: No. Without our strong Marblehead town program, there would be no Select program. Select players must attend town practices and games in addition to the select team commitment. Any select player that is regularly missing town practices or games will forfeit her position on the select team.  We strongly recommend all players who are offered a spot on a Select team seriously consider all her other commitments before accepting.  The time required to play on multiple teams should be taken very seriously before committing to a Marblehead select team, out of courtesy to fellow players who would like to play select.

Q.    What is the time commitment for lacrosse?

A.     Participants in U11, U13 and U15 should count on two early evening practices per week and a game on Sunday.  Most practices are 60-90 minutes long, and the Sunday games last about an hour (not factoring in travel time to an away destination). There are eight scheduled games beginning in early April and continuing through early June. There are no games on Memorial Day Weekend or Easter.

U9 players will have one practice mid-week, plus a game on Sunday (in MHD).   U7 players meet on Sunday mornings for skills and games.  Most practices are 60-90 minutes long, and the Sunday games last about an hour. There are eight scheduled games beginning in early April and continuing through early June. There are no games on Memorial Day Weekend or Easter.

Q.    Where are the games played?

A.     Home games are played on the Marblehead Village School middle field, and occasionally on Piper field. Away games in our league (for U11, U13 and U15) can be as close as Danvers or Hamilton or as far as Haverhill or Malden. The league aims to schedule each team for four home and four away games, however, field availability can sometimes skew this goal.

U9 games are always at Marblehead Village School.

Q.    What is the cost?

A.     For the 2021 season, the program fee is TBD per player for U-11 and older, TBD for U-9, and TBD for U-7.
NOTE:  No one will be turned away due to financial hardship. Please inquire to email address below.

Q.    Are there any other costs?

A.    All players must purchase insurance through our League, FGLL. Equipment is the largest other cost. Girls equipment will cost in the neighborhood of $75 to $200. In addition, players will need to purchase the skort portion of their uniform (approximately $15) and socks (approx $8). The uniform tops (pinnies) are purchased by MGYL Girls and are lent to the players for the season(s) they play.  We collect all pinnies once players "retire" from our program.

Q.   What equipment is needed?

A.   Girl's Lacrosse Equipment consists of a stick ($30-$200+), goggles ($30-$70+), mouthguard ($1-$25+), and cleats ($30-$80+).

Q. Where can I purchase the equipment?

A. Marblehead Sports Shop, and Lax Unlimited in Danvers all carry lacrosse equipment. Also, if you know exactly what you're looking for, a google search of "lacrosse equipment" yields many online retailers.

Q.   Is there contact?

A.   Girls lacrosse is not a contact sport. However, inadvertent contact does happen, and with any sport, injuries can occur.

Q.   How will I know about practices, games, etc.?

A.   All communication is via email. When registering please be sure to include the email address(es) that you monitor, not just your child's. It is important that you check your email often, especially with our iffy New England spring weather, for last minute practice cancellations or game postponements.  It is very important that you also enter your Cell Phone number, so we have Emergency Contact information for your child.   Only the parent or guardian who registers the child can make changes to the child's account.

Q.   Are there indoor pre-season sessions?

A.   Yes, for the last several seasons indoor practice space (at the MHS field house, Veterans Middle School gym or the Community Center) has been secured in March to schedule time for preseason practices.

Q.   Can my child participate in other sports and activities during the lacrosse season?

A.   Yes, many players also participate in soccer, dance, or, at the older levels, on select lacrosse or school teams. While the coaches make every effort to be somewhat flexible and respectful of the players' other interests and activities, please be respectful in return and don't register your child if she is unable to make a significant commitment to the team.

Q.   What if I still have questions?

A.   If you still have questions, please email: Kim Hutchinson at