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Select Team FAQs

Q: What are girls lacrosse select teams, and who is eligible?

A: Marblehead Girls Lacrosse fields two Select teams each spring – one for U13 (grades 5 & 6) and one for U15 (grades 7 & 8).  The teams provide a more rigorous and challenging lacrosse experience, with a full game schedule.  Players are more experienced in the game, and ready for a higher level of competition and commitment. Select teams are generally an excellent experience for those players who are ready and committed, and love the sport.  All Marblehead residents in grades 5-8 who are playing Marblehead Girls Lacrosse are eligible to try out for the spring 2021 teams, and they MUST register to try out (see next question below).

Q: Can I just come to the tryout on the day of, without signing up?

A. No, all interested players MUST register to participate in a tryout in advance. Registration will open on TBD, and will close at midnight on TBD.

All current 4thand 5thgrade players are eligible to try out for the spring U13 lax select team. U13 Select tryouts will be held on TBD and TBD, from 4:15 - 6:00 on those two dates.

All current 6thand 7thgrade players are eligible to try out for the spring U15 lax select team.  U15 Select tryouts will be held on TBD and TBD, from 6:00 - 7:45 on those two dates.

Attendance is strongly recommended at both tryout dates, but not required. 

To be fair to all players, we are unable to consider players who do not attend at least one of our tryout sessions.

We will send several reminder emails before tryouts, and add information to our Facebook page. 


Q: How are the teams chosen?

A: Selection for the U13 and U15 Select Lax teams are based on: performance at the tryout (40%), their town coaches' evaluations (40%), their attendance record at practices and games (10%) and their overall team ranking (10%).  We also consider such factors as attitude, teamwork, effort and sportsmanship in our final decision-making process. Tryouts are evaluated by experienced Marblehead Girls Youth Lacrosse coaches.  Any coach who has a child trying out for one of the teams will not be eligible to evaluate his or her own child.

Q: What is the time commitment to play select lacrosse?

A: If your daughter is offered a position on a select team, please make sure your family discusses what accepting the position means in terms of prioritizing.  It is simply fair to those players that did not make the team.

Select teams have 1 practice per week in the season and pre-season (March – early June).  Select teams play a full game schedule of 6 games both home and away.  Select games are usually on Friday nights in April and May (with a potential tournament in early June). It is expected that Marblehead select and town teams will be a priority for the player. This commitment is in addition to playing for a town team and attending town team practices, and any additional club lacrosse, other sports, or other commitments they take on.

Q: If my daughter makes a select team, can she opt out of playing for a town team?

A: No. Without our strong Marblehead town program, there would be no Select program. Select players must attend ALL town practices and games in addition to the select team commitment. Any select player that is regularly missing town practices or games will forfeit her position on the select team.

Q: My daughter plays for other teams such as club teams, or school teams.  Can she still play select?

A: Yes, provided she is also meeting the required Marblehead attendance for both town and select teams. The time required to play on multiple teams should be taken very seriously before committing to a Marblehead select team, out of courtesy to fellow players who would like to play select.

Q: When will players be notified if they made a Select team?

A: Players will be notified by TBD, and must register by TBD at midnight in order to secure their spot.  We will assign two alternates, and they will also be notified by TBD.  If a player on the Select team drops out for any reason, we will offer a spot to Alternate #1 first, then Alternate #2.


If you are offered a spot on the Select team, we ask that you fully understand the time commitment before accepting. If you are on a Select team, you must also play on a town team, and we expect that you will attend ALL practices to the best of your ability (1-2 Town practices per week and 1 Select practice per week), in addition to the games for both of those teams. We understand that players have other commitments, but please strongly consider this offer and understand that it is a privilege to be offered a spot on this team.