to promote girls youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun while developing skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity

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The Mission of Marblehead Girls Lacrosse is to promote positive self-esteem, respect for others, responsibility, and perseverance, while learning the skills and game of lacrosse.  We want to honor the game, through the ROOTS mentality - RESPECT FOR RULES, OFFICIALS, OPPONENTS, TEAMMATES and one’s SELF.  

Our Goal is for all Board Members, Coaches, Players and Families to prioritize the development of athletes through fair competition and teamwork.  Our program focuses on the fundamental skills of lacrosse, the competition of the game as well as balancing the individual player, the teammate and the leader in each athlete.  Through our lacrosse community, we hope to foster a positive relationship between players, coaches, officials, and families.

Key teaching points include:  


Marblehead Youth Lacrosse was founded in 1997 as BBYL (Black and Blue Youth Lacrosse) by Mark Bagnell and Rick Anderson, who at the time was the varsity lacrosse coach at Swampscott High School. Their mission was twofold: to teach lacrosse to the youth in town, and to develop talent for the high school program. In the beginning there was just a single Marblehead/Swampscott U-14 boy’s team that competed in the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League. By 2001, the program had expanded to 12 teams: two U-10, four U-12, three U-14 boy’s teams and three girls’ teams. In 2006, the girl’s program, continuing under the leadership of Nanny Noyes, split off to become NSML, or North Shore Mermaids Lacrosse. In 2010, the Swampscott boy’s program officially branched out on their own to become SNYL (Swampscott/Nahant Youth Lacrosse). At the same time, the girl’s program, while still including Swampscott and Nahant players, elected to merge back with the Marblehead boys under their newly renamed MYL (Marblehead Youth Lacrosse). In 2011, SNYL started their own program for girls.  Marblehead Girls Youth Lacrosse (MGYL) has served Marblehead pre-schoolers through 8th graders since 2011.

Marblehead Girls Youth Lacrosse began offering Scholarships to Marblehead High School Lacrosse Players in 2017.  We have two Scholarships available:  THE MARBLEHEAD GIRLS YOUTH LACROSSE FOUNDERS SCHOLARSHIP, and THE MARBLEHEAD GIRLS YOUTH LACROSSE BETSY BRADY SPORTSMANSHIP SCHOLARSHIP.  Those interested in applying for one of our Scholarships must do so through The Marblehead All Sports Boosters.  Applications are due in the Spring, and are awarded at a ceremony a few days prior to graduation in the MHS field house.  Recipients of the MGYL FOUNDERS & BETSY BRADY SPORTSMANSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS must be a Marblehead High School Senior who:

- has played lacrosse for Marblehead High School for the past four years.

- was a participant in Marblehead Girls Youth Lacrosse.

- embodies the Mission of Marblehead Girls Youth Lacrosse, which is "to promote girls youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun, while developing skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity." She follows "all rules and regulations as set forth by US Lacrosse." And, she strives to always “honor the game.”"

Past Scholarship Recipients:

2017: Lucie Poulin

2018: Hadley Carlton and Caroline Driscoll

2019: Amanda Schillinger (recipient of the first Betsy Brady Sportsmanship Scholarship)

2020: Bryn Burton (Betsy Brady Sportsmanship Scholarship)