to promote girls youth lacrosse in an environment that emphasizes fun while developing skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship, and integrity


Required Equipment 

GOGGLES:  Meets the current ASTM standard for women’s lacrosse eyewear; SEI certified and bears the SEI mark.,USLacrosse_EyeandFaceProtectSports_collapse31,USLacrosse_EyeandFaceProtectSports_EyeProtectionforWomensLacrosseASTMF3077-2017_collapse31_2,USLacrosse_EyeandFaceProtectSports_EyeProtectionforWomensLacrosseASTMF3077-2017_EyeProtectorsforWomensLacrosse-TypeIII_collapse31_22


CROSSE:  Legal Sticks-


MOUTHGUARD: Must be visible color other than clear or white; self-molding (from manufacturers) or custom-molded (from dentist) 


Optional Equipment 

GLOVES : Must be close-fitting & should be comfortable for player while holding a stick. 

HEADGEAR:  Meets current ASTM standard for women’s lacrosse headgear and has permanent SEI certification mark.  If it includes integrated eyewear, it must also meet that current ASTM standard.

Goalie Gear


HELMET:  Statement/seal indicating it meets NOCSAE lacrosse standard;  performance specification and SEI certified


THROAT GUARD:  Separate from helmet & required for goalies.  Attaches with snaps/screws/other fasteners.  Proper fit for helmet & guard must be done relying on manufacturers’ guidelines & requirements on their website or included with helmet/guard. 


CHEST PROTECTOR:  Covers front torso, neckline to below navel.  Body straps must be secured to the front of pad – adjust for a snug, comfortable fit 


GOALIE GLOVES:  Hand must be fully inserted in glove.  Includes goalie specific additional thumb protection.


LEG PADS:  Must protect shins and thighs.  May not use field hockey goalie pads.


PELVIC and ABDOMINAL PROTECTION:  Generally incorporated as a part of thigh padding.


CROSSE:  Legal Stick List-


MOUTHGUARD:  Must be visible color other than clear or white.  Self-molding (from manufacturers) or custom-molded (from dentist) 


Optional Equipment

SHOULDER PADS:  Covers top of shoulder, collarbone & sternum.  Should fit comfortably; adjust by loosening/tightening straps