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Safety and Concussion Awareness


If you need medical advice for an injured child, please call 911, seek a doctor or go to your local ER immediately.

US Lacrosse has taken a lead in the education and awareness of concussions and has teamed up with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ImPACT Alliance, and many more organizations and resources to help players, parents and coaches recognize and understand this brain injury. 

·      A concussion is caused by violent shaking or jarring of the brain, and may cause alterations in cognitive function, vision, eye movement, facial movement, or speech. Contrary to popular belief, no helmet in any sport can prevent a concussion.  

·      You can't see a concussion.  

·      Signs and symptoms of concussion can show up right after the injury or may not appear or be noticed until days or weeks after the injury.  


        Here are some signs and symptoms of concussions:


        Signs Observed by Parents, Guardians,  or Coaches

·      Appears dazed or stunned

·      Is confused about assignment or position

·      Forgets an instruction

·      Is unsure of game, score, or opponent

·      Moves clumsily

·      Answers questions slowly

·      Loses consciousness (even briefly)

·      Shows behavior or personality changes

·      Can’t recall events prior to hit or fall


        Symptoms Reported by Athlete    

        ·      Headache or “pressure” in head

·      Nausea or vomiting

        ·      Balance problems or dizziness

·      Double or blurry vision

·      Sensitivity to light

·      Sensitivity to noise

·      Feeling sluggish, hazy, foggy, or groggy

·      Concentration or memory problems

·      Confusion

·      Does not “feel right”


Please click these links for further information and videos about concussions from US Lacrosse:

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